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Mad Faerie Tea Party's Journal
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Wednesday, October 24th, 2007
12:14 am
Fall Fairy Photos
Here are some images taken by Laura Vasilion of just-a-dream.net of the Fall Fairy costume I designed. My Fall Fairy design was originally modeled by me when I posted in the past, but the costume has been updated since then and it is modeled by Tiffany Booker in the photos below. The images were taken in Laura's studio as well as at a park. Click on each image to view the full size, and do not take or use any of these photos without permission.

Thursday, March 22nd, 2007
9:55 am
Cloak Patterns and Embellishment Ideas?
Cloak Patterns and Embellishments?
Who's the luckiest faerie you know? Why, that would most likely be me. Why you ask? Well, because I spent the day yesterday wandering the L.A. Fashion district collecting fine fabrics from around the world. You would die of jealousy if you could see the silks and velvets and incredibly gorgeous cloth I came home with. Not to mention the abundance of notions and silk and paper flowers :D
I found some gorgeous chenille at a ridiculously low price, so I couldn't pass it up, and I am planning to make a pretty cloak from it. Just perfect for cool summer nights, after hot summer days at faire... :D
Anybody have any pattern recommendations for faerie cloak? And how would you embellish such a thing? It will be a darkish green chenille with a lighter green chenille lining. I would like it to have a hood. The pieces of fabric are definitely large enough that each layer of the body of the cloak could be cut as a single piece. I was thinking I could embroider it with vines and flowers... As that would also serve the purpose of holding the two layers together with out looking "quilted". Anybody have any other ideas?
The other fabrics are already fast growing in to the most gorgeous faerie garb! Hooray for sewing and the garment district!
Wednesday, February 14th, 2007
5:34 pm
I am sooooooo excited about my newest set of wings. I've been playing around with cellophane and glass paints and I am nearly finished with a tiny set of cellophane luna moth inspired wings! I am always hesitant to paint things because I don't feel very confident that I will produce somthing I like. I have two larger much more intricate sets waiting for paint and me to decide what colors to use. but these itty bitty wings came out perfectly! Of course I painted them on my window about 6 or 8 different ways before I found just the right one! But I love them so much! I made them to wear to Faerieworlds this year, so I went for tiny wings since the crowd is so thick, and I want to be able to get in there and dance. They really are tiny. About 6 X 8 inches total! So cute! XD But of course this means the rest of the outfit has to be over the top fae. So I'll be looking for ideas from you guys as soon as I can get some pictures on the internet to share.

Current Mood: artistic
Monday, January 29th, 2007
2:15 pm
So what do you guys think of instaed of being an invitation only community we open membership up to everyone and disallow advertisments?
And so that it isn't competition for faeriefashions make it a faerie fashion based "challenge community". As in, once a week I post a challenge to everyone to post something inspirational on a specific topic, such as fae make up. Challenge posts could be anything the members feel the others would appreciate, from couture fashion shoots to members' own personal work. And several times a year members would be challenged to create a seasonal or themed faerie costume to share here. These costume challenges entres should include "showing their work" so other members can see how it was done and adapt their techniques and ideas to their own costuming needs.

Current Mood: artistic
Sunday, January 28th, 2007
2:28 pm
The Rules....

Even Faeries Gotta Have 'Em, I Guess.

But not very many!

1) No Sales posts allowed. This is a costuming challenge community designed to inspire and teach other costumers and to give you that drive to get working on those costumes.

2)Post lots and lots of pretty peektures for us, but make sure the are a reasonable size so that our friends' pages don't go all wonky. Thanks! Larger than 700X700 pixels should go behind a cut. More that 3 or 4 should go behind a cut.

3) The obvious and obligatory... Be constructive but not mean when opinions are requested. we don't have to all be friends here, but we're looking to create content, not drive people away.

Most imprortantly, the Rules are a work in progress! Please read them and discuss here. Help make this community what you want it to be.

Current Mood: excited
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